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Meet Belle...

I am the mother of two beautiful, divine children who rock my world and still have the ability to take my breath away. I am perceptive, intuitive and mother with my whole heart. I have taught yoga to mothers and children for the past 10 years . Some days I can be found dancing with my family. Other days you will find me simply staring at them in awe. Grace is 5 years old and Ben is 1 year old.  I started Mom-ME Circle out of my own need for community. I wasn’t even quite sure what I wanted it to be, but I knew I needed some sort of support system.

Fortunately for me, I found LifewaysMothering Arts and Mentor Masterclass. Each training gave me the confidence I needed to form a network of like minded (and not so like minded!) mamas and it wasn’t long before I was facilitating my own weekly circles.

Now, I am living my dream! I get to step into my empowerment and facilitate circles and do ONE on ONE coaching where we address the problems women face in their new role as "Mommy." I am surrounded by an incredible support system. I crave connection and those desires are now being fulfilled. I have a healthy attachment with my children, my husband, my community and most of all, myself. Life is so good! 

This wasn’t always the case. I used to feel lost, like I was searching for something just out of reach.  I was highly self judgmental and self love wasn’t even on my radar.  During my daughter's first year of life (5 years ago) I was in a deep struggle with postpartum depression and I didn't feel like I had the life I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, during that time I had many awesome, crazy, amazing scary, sad and beautiful times, but on the inside there were a lot of feelings of unworthiness and  “not good enough”.  I felt very isolated in my role as mom and I didn't feel like I had anyone who could help or even cared.  So, I know what it feels like to NOT have a community. I never want anyone to feel that way.

I am someone who has been obsessed with inner growth, spirituality and understanding what life is all about for as long as I can remember. I have been a long time yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher (I started doing yoga with my mom and her friends when I was 15 and fell in love with it immediately).  I went to Pepperdine University where I studied psychology as a way to understand more about my own inner workings. Then I went to JFK University where I studied transpersonal Psychology.

You know what the best part is? The hardest parts of my journey are my greatest medicine…..there are no limits to where I can explore, how far I can go inside myself and how that shows up in my life. 

My desire to create this circle of women and create a safe space during coaching calls comes from my own personal desires and my years of working on my own personal growth in books, classes and workshops.  Self love, getting and staying in-tune with my body and mind, and feeling at home inside myself are the best damn feelings I know of.  It gets me so excited to think of a whole commUnity of empowered moms who feel this way too!  

When you join our circle or begin coaching with me you get access to everything I’ve learned about yoga, meditation,  manifesting and self care as I stumbled and spiraled along on my own path as well as working with my yoga students for years.    As we work together I’ll encourage you (we will encourage each other!) to feel into your beliefs about who you are and what you want for your life.  I will hold space for you and tenderly nudge you to step into new places of freedom and clarity so you can choose where you want to go! 

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This was taken when my daughter was around 6 months, she's almost 2 now but it's still my favorite.

This was taken when my daughter was around 6 months, she's almost 2 now but it's still my favorite.

Meet Amy...

I graduated with my BA in Liberal Studies from Cal State Northridge where I also received my elementary grades teaching credential. Through nannying, my path wound from working with elementary students, to toddlers, and then with infants. I am a Lifeways Graduate (Waldorf Early Childhood Education), have completed the RIE Foundations course, Mothering Arts Training, and my Postpartum Doula core training through Natural Resources in San Francisco. I gave birth to my daughter, Sylvianne, in January of 2015. I am also a singer and a songwriter and play music with my husband, Jason.

I was fortunate enough to enter motherhood with years of experience working with other people’s infants. This allowed me to “talk myself off the cliff’ as I like to put it, in those early months when I struggled to hear my daughter fuss. I learned early on, that my self-talk could be completely sabotaging. I also learned how hard it is to ask for help, and often felt isolated and tired in those early months with my daughter. As a result, I joined two mothers groups and have been enrolled in RIE classes and Waldorf parent/child classes since my daughter’s birth. I have found it extremely valuable to have a wise teacher to turn to and to come together with other women with same aged children. Mothering Arts Circles are the only ones that I have found to provide the nurturing and attention that new mothers need, combined with an intention centered around the babies in the room. I only wished something like Mothering Arts was offered in SF when I was living there as a new mom. So I decided to bring it to our area. 

I am passionate about normalizing the struggles of the new mother so that you no longer feel isolated or defective. I want to guide you in observing your baby so you can begin to understand cues, and interpret their needs. I hope to empower you (an amazing warrior woman!) so that you begin to feel confident in you role as a mother. Crossing the threshold into motherhood can be daunting, but by working in community with other mothers and with wise women, we can rebuild the “village”. If you’ve come to this page, you’ve already taken the first step in reaching out. We are not designed to do this alone. This is hard and often isolating work. Let us support each other on our journey.

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