Worry Less Training


Here is your worry less worksheet.

I thought I knew what worry was before I became a mother, but upon learning that I was pregnant, I realized that worry could reach all-new levels.

Suddenly, I was responsible for my life and the life of another person — a person I was growing! That led to a million new "What ifs." Each doctor's appointment brought on even more worry as we completed tests for every possible complication. I thought that if I made it through the pregnancy, my anxiety would decrease, because then the sole responsibility for the child would not lie with me — I could blame my husband for anything that went wrong. :)

But then it became worries about is she getting enough breast milk, growth charts, developmental milestones, whether I was a good enough mother, tummy time, rashes, reflux, colds, and whether or not I was cut out for motherhood. 

As my daughter has grown (she's 7 now), I've realized that there are many more worries to come, and that with each stage in my child's life, my worries will change and grow. 

So, I created this worry less worksheet for myself and for YOU. Our worries don't have to be so overwhelming.