Isabelle and Amy have filled a gap in the isolating experience of being a new mom with the Mom-me Circle. I was going to a lot of non-facilitated groups and getting really burnt out on talking about “issues” the babies are having. I needed some connection to other moms on a deeper level. It was nice to sit down and talk about the deeper, sometimes darker, feelings of being a new mom in a nonjudgemental setting. Sometimes being open can feel so vulnerable, but Belle and Amy made sure to create a safe space for everyone. It was just the connection I needed, and helped me feel supported and surrounded by positive feminine energy. I would highly recommend this circle to any new mom!


I was seeking a group of Mamas to meet and connect with and the Mom-ME Circle provided this outlet. Being a new Mom can be extremely isolating and scary. This mom's group in particular not only tackled my goal of finding a close knit group, but also provided additional information with the various weekly guest speakers. Not only did I make new friends, but I learned about different ways to take care of myself physically and emotionally. This was a wonderful experience and I would strongly encourage other moms to join.


I was looking for a group that went deeper than the day to day challenge of motherhood and explored the spiritual side of this journey-this group provided this opportunity.