The Berkeley Rose Mothering Circle is a local gathering for mothers with children of any age (including mothers to be).  We gather each week to share wisdom, challenges, joys and casual conversation. Mothers are free to bring their babies 12 months old and younger, however you are welcome to come without your children as well.

Our weekly rhythm includes:
~songs, touch games and lap games with the babes
~community guests that have wisdom to share with us
~nourishing snacks/tea
~supportive conversation and community building
~ ongoing crafts and toy-making

You can register here.


What you can expect from our circle:

  • Time to take care of YOU

  • An Opening Meditation

  • Personal Check-In Shares and journal writing

  • Receiving Wisdom from practitioners on a variety of topics

  • Social Time to connect with other mamas

  • 24/7 access to our online community on Facebook

  • The feeling of being nurtured and honored

In addition to Belle, there will be several visiting Wise Women

The circle topics are chosen based on the needs of our currently enrolled Mama's. Some past circle topics have included...

  • Nourishing meals 

  • The importance of warmth for ourselves and our children

  • Food preservation as a social art

  • Celebrating the season

  • Stress relief in nature

  • How to create healthy home rhythms

  • How to maintain your self care as a mom



Berkeley Rose Waldorf School

2138 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA 94709

  • Hours: Open, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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