New 8-Week Course for Moms Who Want to put the “ME” back in Mommy...

Discover who you are now that you’re a mom

Re-ignite your passions, purpose, and dreams

Embrace the new you so you can design your Destiny…… 

with The Mindful Mom-ME Course


So many moms I know wander through life feeling like there must be more than JUST caring for their kids. Maybe you feel like you have a good life, yet you’re dissatisfied with the amount of “ME time” you get? Perhaps you’ve spent your life valiantly serving your loved ones, even to the point of burnout, which has brought you to question, “After all of THIS, that’s it?

But there is much at stake. 

If you feel like there must be more to motherhood but, even if you had the time, you have no idea where to even begin, then maybe NOW is the time to give yourself a gift that honestly only you can give....  

....the gift of you!  

If you are ready to reignite your passions, pursue your purpose and live your dream- join me on an 8-week journey to discover who you really are underneath all the masks you wear and see how your children flourish when their mama is nourished. 

The Course Begins March 13th!

Enroll for "Mindful Mom-ME" Now!

I created this program especially for Mamas who know there must be more in life.

This class is for you if…

You are a mom who is looking to END the cycle of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety so your kids can get the best of you.

You are constantly taking care of your children and not yourself.

You feel guilty about leaving your family to take a night to yourself.

You find yourself focusing on your children and forgetting about your relationship.

You are in a job that doesn’t make you happy.

You are sick and tired of being so darn hard on yourself, your partner, and your kids and just want to be the kind of mom and wife your family deserves.

If you want to feel passionate about your life, secure your spot now.

For Only $1,250 

The Course Begins March 13th

Enroll for "Mindful Mom-ME" Now!