The ICAN Course

The ICAN Course is designed exclusively for intentional, but overwhelmed mamas. if you are tired of nurturing everyone else in your life without taking even a moment to nurture yourself, this course is for YOU! You don't have to keep neglecting yourself and living short of your full potential as a woman simply because you became a mom.

We can’t serve our loved ones from an empty cup. So let’s fill your cup FIRST and serve from the over flow.

Listen, Mama, you don’t have to do this alone!
By Adopting The ICAN method, You Will:


LEarn how to set intentions

An intention is an answer to the age-old question: what’s the point? If you don’t have an intention, you don’t have a direction. Without direction you have no way of knowing which opportunities to accept and which to decline, which leads to wasted time and energy.

Clear limiting beliefs

Beliefs are not facts; they are opinions. many people say they want more money. They INTEND to create financial abundance. You can consciously say you want it all day, you can apply for new jobs, start your own business, but you'll still push it away, because part of you believes that having money is bad or wrong. What belief do you want to clear!?

Clear limiting beliefs.png

Clear limiting beliefs-2.png

Get into Massive action

Taking aligned action is a sure way to move your projects forward and accomplish your goals. Taking unaligned action is an excellent way to waste your time and energy, and that of others as well.

Learn how to un-attach from your desired outcome.

Non-attachment allows you to have a relaxed expectation about you, which is very attractive.


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