Welcome to the Happy Mama, Happy Holidays Challenge. 

How this works...   

Beginning on December 1st you’ll receive a short email that lays out your daily challenge prompt. They’re simple, but add up to big impact.  

I’ll also provide you with a thought-provoking question regarding the day’s prompt, and remind you how you can share it with Mom-ME Circle community. Find the challenge on Instagram and Facebook each day, if you want to play there, too!

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Want a chance to win the prizes during the challenger?

You have until 6am PST on December 5th to complete your prompts to qualify to be entered to win the prizes. Once you complete all 5 daily prompts, email hello@mom-mecircle.com screenshots or links to all 5 of your completed prompt posts in the group. The winners will be announced on Saturday.

Then we’ll have our FACEBOOK LIVE training and Q&A at 10am each day (click here to join Mom-ME Circle so you don’t miss these.)

All of your prompts must be completed in the private FB group to qualify for winning the prizes.

GRAND PRIZE: Win a free spot in my Premium ICAN method course.

2nd PRIZE: Win $25 Amazon Gift Card

3rd PRIZE: Win $10 Starbucks Card

How do you win?

You must complete all 5 days of prompts to get a chance to win. I want you to shine this season and actually being in action is going to get you the results you deeply desire and so greatly deserve.

If you’re stuck, tag me @IsabelleBoesch and hit me up with your question in the Mom-ME Circle Facebook. If you haven’t joined yet, you can join here now.

I will also link each email to the corresponding day’s Facebook post. That’s where I want you to ask questions, share your wins, challenges and get/give support. This way I can easily see who’s got Q’s for me!

Don’t let this challenge be the best kept secret, ok?! Do me a favor and pass along any of the daily prompts to anybody who could benefit from this challenge. You can also direct them to the group.

I’m so excited!

Big Holiday Hugs,