Q&A: Being More Positive and Finding a Listening Partner

Today, I’m answering such a powerful question from a mama in the Mother’s Empowerment Circle that I truly believe every mama can relate to.

“For this week, my intentions will be to be more positive instead of complaining at the kids to get chores and homework done. I’d like to engage in a more positive way, cultivating a more positive response from the kids. I feel like much of our time together is complaining about what they should be doing, which in turn makes that seem like our interactions are negative which is not what I want. But I still want homework done and shoes put away, stuff like that. Do you have any suggestions on how to be positive and still get the kids’ chores done?”

 Wow… let that sink in. Can you relate with this question?

To be more positive, we have to understand that the only person we can control is ourselves. There are some things about children that are inherently true; and if they are true about them, they are true about us too.

In this video, I share those things with you so you can shift your mindset to be more positive.

I also talk about what a “listening partner” is and the importance of finding one. :-)

Enjoy and take care mama. <3