The 4 principles of Mindful Movement

When I look back on my journey to self-empowerment, it's no surprise that my return to work that was personally fulfilling coincided with my first born starting preschool. There was finally time, space and energy for something else... ME!

It felt like I had weathered a very long storm and the clouds were parting. 

As my energy stores began to rebuild I could sense that it was time to take a look at my physical shape... and so I embarked on a journey to find mindful movement routine that worked for me.

A little reminder before I tell you about how I got myself back (notice I didn't say "how I got my body back!"): whatever changes you make, aim to make them long term. Take small, steady steps to moving in a way that encourages a healthier, happier you.

Grand, sweeping changes just aren't sustainable.

The 4 Principles of Mindful Movment:

  1. Move for mental health- It's not just toning your core and thighs. Mindful movement will also boost your clarity of thought and creativity, release your stress, and helot you make better decisions. Remind yourself that this isn't a selfish indulgence, it's an essential part of your self-care routine.
  2. Keep it fun and varied- Sustainable commitment to mindful movement is all about finding a way of moving that is intrinsically enjoyable to you. So, I encourage you to cast aside the notion that mindful movement needs to hurt to be effective. In fact, the whole reason to be mindful in your movement is to avoid getting hurt. Challenging your mind and body in different ways will keep your motivation fresh and prevents your physical results from plateauing. 
  3. Plan ahead- Get your mindful movement routine organized by spotting windows of opportunity. Change doesn't happen without some effort so if you want something different to happen you need to be prepared to DO something different. Get your kids and friends involved and make it a priority to move your body EVERY DAY!
  4. Work with what you've got- Even just 10 minutes during your kid's nap is better than nothing. Mindful movement has a cumulative effect, so keep investing in YOURSELF.

Remember, we need to do the things we have to do to feel the way we want to feel!!!