Quick Relaxation Stretches

It’s my birthday, and my birthday wish to you is to relax.

Whether you’re at your desk, kitchen table, or out and about, it’s good to have some tips to help you relax. Here are some of my favorite tips to ease tension in your body and get into a state of relaxation.

When you have time, I really encourage you to go through these methods with me in the video. You can pause and replay the video as you need. I invite you to participate with me through the video to receive some self-care.


To begin, start off by being in the moment. Find alignment in your body, whether you’re sitting or standing. Think of a line going straight up from the floor. Place both feet flat on the floor, align your shoulders above your hips, and tuck your chin slightly. You might notice that your shoulders will relax a bit when you’re ready. Your breathing may slow down.

Here are some simple stretches you can do.

The No Stretch

This stretch can remind us that it’s ok to say no and hold boundaries.

Move your entire head as you look over your shoulder from one side to another. Do this at whatever speed feels good to you. Notice any kinks in your neck. You can linger.

The Yes Stretch

Consider what you want to say yes to while doing this stretch.

Inhale and lift your chin toward the sky, keeping your spine straight. Exhale as you bring your chin toward your chest. This can be done at whatever speed is comfortable for you and can be repeated as long as you’d like.

The Maybe Stretch

As you do this stretch, consider the maybes in your life. What are you not super passionate about, but it’s not a “no”?

Take one ear and begin lowering it towards your shoulder, then return it to the center. Repeat this going the opposite way. Keep your jaw nice and relaxed. Take note if one side is tighter than the other. You can do this in a fluid motion without stopping in the center.

Shoulder Circles

Move your shoulders to make circles. Rotate them forward towards your chest, up toward your ears, down behind your back, and return to your resting position. Circle them as slowly or quickly as you’d like.

If you’d like, feel free to grab your favorite relaxing essential oil and rub it between your palms before you start. You can add a drop to some water to drink or drop a bit directly in your mouth to relax. I love the smell of lavender, and a recent favorite of mine is Cherry Plum by BA.