5 Mistakes even amazing mamas make (that shouldn't keep you up at night!)

5 Mistakes even amazing mamas make (that shouldn't keep you up at night!).png

Raise your hand if you are guilty of any of these.


1) We forget that how we say something matters just as much, if not more, that what we say. We aim to be kind and respectful in all of our encounters, but sometimes we miss the mark.


2) We communicate to our kids that their big emotions aren't acceptable. Even though we value having emotionally intelligent children, sometimes we shut down their emotions because their negative emotions trigger our own negative emotions.


3) We over react! We overshoot the mark with our discipline and are more harsh or punitive than we intend to be. We react with an intensity that causes our kids to focus on how mean or unfair we are rather than on their own behavior.


4) We don't repair after a conflict. We behave immaturely and unkindly without apologizing.


5) We forget that our child sometimes needs our help making good choices. The temptation is to demand that they "stop that immediately!" event hough we know that they aren't capable fo stopping without our support.


And we are still AMAZING MAMAS!!! Our kids don't need us to be perfect to know that we love them :)