Make Short Term Goals

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The beauty of setting short term goals is the immediate gratification that you get when you achieve them. It gives you a chance to be victorious. Often, that feeling is reward enough, but I always advise my coaching clients to celebrate when they accomplish what they say the will, even if it's in a small way.

See the finish line

Any goal that I have ever reached started with an intention, but it had to be reinforced by a picture in my mind. 

When I decided that I was going to climb out of my postpartum depression haze I began with an intention to feel more joyful in everyday moments. I would start each day by closing my eyes and imagining myself smiling as I went out for a walk with a girlfriend. In my mind, I was carefree and confident that my 3 month old baby was in good hands at home with her daddy. The endorphins began to flow even though I wasn't actually out for a walk.

The eye likes to have a visual image to connect with the tangible result. It delights in images that motivate and inspire- something that can be seen.

Warriors jump over walls, they don't demolish them - Carlos Castineda

That is why I recently created a vision board that connects me with my current hopes and dreams. (I'll share how you can make one too in a future post.)


This is a poster board where you can arrange a collage of images that represents all areas of your life: personal, how you look, your kids, your marriage, finances, possessions, home, creative projects, friends, work, health, being of service, travel, education, career, spirituality, and unknown. It can also contain phrases that motivate you (like mine does.) 

You get the idea!

I can't wait to see what you create, Mama!