Welcome to your tribe

Centuries ago we raised our children in tribes. If one of our sister tribal ladies wasn't feeling well or was PMSing we would have swooped in to care for her children and make her a pot of soup. We would have all lived close enough to one another that we could just open the back door and say to our kid, "Go play!" And there would be wise, older women in the tribe who we could go to for support and guidance. We wouldn't feel ALONE the way so many of the women I speak to today feel.

Chances are, you don’t live in such a tribe. (And if you do, please invite me to join it ASAP!!!) But did you know we have the very best virtual Motherhood community?


In the Mom-ME Circle facebook group you will find wise women who you can ask for support from, sisters who are on the same self-growth path as you are and who are ready and wanting to lift you up, and it’s a great place to ask all of your parenting questions. Trust me, no question is too simple or complex for this crowd. Click HERE to join our Facebook group. And if you love it, feel free to invite your fellow mama friends to join too!

Welcome to your tribe!