The Creating More ME Time Webinar

I hope you are having a great week so far!

This weekend was a BIG day one me... as I solo parented, while having my period, without killing my children or myself!! 

This was something I have always dreaded because my husband, when he is home, is super helpful and usually tries not to be away while I'm bleeding... but after learning how to care for myself with sooo much compassion during this vulnerable time, I can now say that mothering and menstration can both be easeful.

My parenting this weekend was NOT perfect.

I lost it when my 2 year old pooped in his pants for the second time in 5 hours.

I even called my mom one time to vent, "This is sooo hard! How did you solo parent for so long when were were little?!?"

Fortunately, whenever I had self-doubts, I'd remind myself what I preach to my clients- ME time is the answer when I am feeling overwhelmed!!!

I could have thrown up my hands and powered through the weekend. BUT I didn't need to because I have a tool belt full of resources to help me when life feels really hard.

The reason I'm sharing this with you, is that you may be feeling overwhelmed in your own way and have a story that there is no way you could possibly find ME time in your already over packed schedule.

I beg to differ. Below, you will find the Webinar that will teach you to create more ME time.