How I got a handle on my anxiety (it might surprise you!)

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This morning I got a text from one of my dear friends (let’s call her Lisa.) It said, “How did you get a handle on your anxiety?” My heart immediately went out to here because I know what it feels like to hold the weight of the world on my shoulders and not know what to do to get relief. So, this goes out to all the Lisas in the world. Today I will be sharing with you what I have learned on my journey with anxiety.

Anxiety is one of these very non specific terms and yet 15% of people are taking medication for anxiety. Very often there is a somatic components and because I am a yoga teacher and not a doctor, I will be focusing on home remedies that have worked for me. 

Vulnerable moment: After I had my daughter, 6 years ago, my anxiety went through the roof. I thought I was the only one having such a hard time so I didn’t reach out to anyone and just barely managed to make it through my looooong days with a newborn. My personal brand of anxiety was accompanied by insomnia and obsessive compulsive tendencies. When some of the closest people in my life suggested I go on medication I hid my struggles even more because I didn't feel like they wanted to understand me, they just wanted me to not be so "crazy." Medication IS the answer for some people, but not for me. Much of the problem I have with the quick fix of medication for anxiety is that most medications come with significant side effects and risks.

What if there were some simple things you could do that would relieve your anxiety?

GOOD NEWS! There are!!!

But before we go into that, let’s look at some of the ROOT CAUSES of anxiety. (While you read them take a mental note to see if any of these might apply to you.)


-Blood sugar imbalance

-Thyroid imbalance 

-Wheat and Dairy sensitivities

When I learned this I decided to challenge myself with going after the cause of my anxiety rather than just the affects.

Here are three things that I did that gave me relief:

1) I let go of the coffee and other stimulants.

After having a baby and struggling with insomnia I thought coffee would be my friend. WRONG! Pretty much every time I drink coffee if gives me a stomach ache and the gitters. Do you drink coffee? Consider what you love about it if you do. If it’s the buzz, there are other ways to get caffein with green or black tea. Maybe it’s the flavor you love. Dandelion root tastes a lot like coffee. It also comes in a tea and has lots of great health benefits. Or maybe coffee is just part of your routine. If so, why not drink some hot water with lemon instead?

2)Get your bone broth on!

I like this one.

And here is the recipe that we use in our home:




1 Leftover Roast Chicken Carcass 

Vegetable Scraps (celery leaves, onion trimmings, carrot peels, garlic etc)

2 Bay Leafs

1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar


Pick the chicken carcass clean of useable meat and reserve that for another dish. Add the chicken carcass, vegetable scraps and bay leafs to a crockpot. Pour filtered water over the carcass to cover. Add cider vinegar. Cook in your slow cooker on low heat for 24-hrs or longer. By adding water to the cooker, you can continue to cook the broth until the chicken bones become flexible and rubbery. Strain the broth through a fine mesh sieve and pour into mason jars. The broth should gel, but it is not necessary.

You can also take gelatin capsules and add them to soup or stew if you aren’t into broth. 

3) Breath based meditation.

Start with one minute of being aware of your breath. You can also listen to any of these FREE guided meditation if you are a beginner.

Being a mom I can be an overwhelming job, full of inner and outer pressure. It is my hope and prayer that these tips have been helpful to you in lowering your anxiety. If you would like more tips. Please sign up for my 5 day relaxed mama challenge, which begins Wednesday, November 1st. Click here for more deets.