We are ALWAYS connected, even when we aren't

On July 7th, Brandon and I will have been married for 10 years. We are both partners in life and in parenting and I love him more than I thought it was possible to love someone.

Right now, while our kids are still little (6 and almost 2), we have decided to divide the workload so that he does the lion's share of business outside the home and I do the lioness's share of the child-rearing (while maintaining a Life Coaching practice on the side.) That is our arrangement and while it works for us, sometimes it feels like our "worlds" are miles apart. 

Last week, while Brandon was on a "Mancation" (a vacation with his man friends), I was home solo with the kids. Typically, this would have been fairly simple and easy because we have a good routine, but it just so happened that THIS week we got the flu. I'm talking fluids exiting the body from all directions type of flu.

It's shitty to be sick even when he's around, but single parenting sick kids while also being sick myself was SUPER SHITTY! Then, I got my period.

Needless to say, I felt very distant and disconnected from Brandon during this time.

But the truth is, despite our differences in experience and our distance in miles, we actually were VERY connected. The strange thing about this time is that almost every time I had "an episode" Brandon would inevitably call me. And while I couldn't pick up the phone, because I was otherwise occupied, I was comforted by the fact that he some how *knew* that I was in distress. 

The longer I know Brandon the more I realize that, if I remain open, our love and connectivity can continue to evolve and things are not always as I once thought they were.

"We all want to feel connected. That idea is more powerful than any magic I can do."                                 -David Blaine

So, in honor of our upcoming anniversary, I thought I'd spice things up here on the blog (and maybe bend your mind a little) today with a YouTube clip of magician David Blaine demonstrating a simple concept with some of Hollywood's A-listers.

What I love about this clip is that you see these actors as real people (and trust me, actors ARE real people.) I also love that it's no trick. This video is a terrific visual as I've seen of inter-connectivity of the human mind. If you still need proof that our mind is not localized between our ears, this might help.

So next time you feel disconnected from your partner or think a worry thought that you weren't experiencing moments before, could it be that, maybe, just maybe, it might not. be. yours?

Just a thought.