Here is a personal rampage...

I've decided that nothing is more important than that I feel good. All I need to feel better is to sharpen my vibrational signal. For example, if you've spoken to me recently you might know that I am struggling with insomnia. At night I chant to myself "I want to sleep so I can be a good parent, I want to sleep so I can have energy to do the things I want in this world, I want to sleep so that my body and mind can be healthy..." I've been saying these mantras for a looooong time. So long, in fact, that I've got 100s of hours of ZZZs stored in my vibrational bank account. 

I KNOW that when I find vibrational alignment with sleep these ZZZs will flow into my life with ease. The universe wants to give me the rest that I deserve, but here I am complaining that I'm not getting enough.

My world is becoming because of the information I've been giving. The question is- where am I in this magnificent world that I am in the process of creating?

I see the gap between the me that wants sleep and the me that experiences it and as long as I keep the gap open with complaining I am actually muting all the good that has my name on it. So, now when I want sleep I will practice allowing it to flow to me. I will stop trying to figure out why things aren't better already. I will stop trying to convince others to understand my struggle and I will stop trying to figure out why I'm not sleeping.

It doesn't matter and no one is listening who can do anything about closing that gap... except ME!

See, I feel better already.

OK, your turn. Give me your personal rampage.