I've been thinking about pleasure a lot lately so I decided to write down 10 things that bring me pleasure. Well, turns out I came up with a few more. Heres my list (so far!) Would love to hear what brings you pleasure in the comments below.

  1. Fresh Blueberries … mmmm.
  2. Long solitary hikes
  3. Walking barefoot in grass.
  4. Comet watching
  5. Listening to a good podcast ALONE in the car.
  6. Moon bathing
  7. Taking a long, relaxing shower, knowing the kids are being taken care of or asleep.
  8. telephone support
  9. Chai latte made just how I like it.
  10. peeling things
  11. Abraham Hicks books or CDs.
  12. Rituals, burnings
  13. Popcorn and movie on Netflix.
  14. Goddess cards
  15. The smell of Montana air when I wake up in the morning- crisp and comforting.
  16. Love Poems by Hafiz
  17. Watching the sunset on the beach with my love.
  18. Collage making
  19. Walking on the beach barefoot.
  20. meditation
  21. A gentle morning walk.
  22. crying
  23. Yoga.
  24. journaling
  25. Snuggling in bed with my whole family (even better if baby Ben is naked.)
  26. hot springs
  27. Watching the sunrise.
  28. i ching
  29. Hugging Grace tightly and having her really hug me back.
  30. Good wine and Dark chocolate.
  31. rune stones
  32. Dancing like I'm crazy at ecstatic dance and not caring what others think (knowing they dont really care as much as I imagine they do.)
  33. acupuncture
  34. Laughing till my sides ache and maybe peeing a little.
  35. sage, incense, candles
  36. throwing things away
  37. A long conversation with a good friend.
  38. Root beer float.
  39. Kissing for longer than 10 seconds.
  40. angel cards
  41. Being lazy on a Sunday.
  42. Craft night night
  43. Waking to a clean house.
  44. An uncluttered room.
  45. bach flower remedies
  46. A good hair day, when I just feel effortlessly pretty.
  47. drumming
  48. Pillow fights with my kids.
  49. Fries and a chocolate milkshake.
  50. Singing in the shower, loudly.
  51. hot tubs
  52. complaining to someone with no solutions offered
  53. Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles with Grace.
  54. Watching Ben play and not having anything else to do or on my mind.
  55. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
  56. Helping someone in need (acts of service is my love language.)
  57. Making someone smile.
  58. Homemade bone broth.
  59. A nature hike with my family.
  60. Laying back and watching the stars.
  61. Making a sandcastle with Grace.
  62. listening to books on audible
  63. Healing you tube videos
  64. Floating in the water and putting my ears under so I can hear my heartbeat.
  65. Taking an afternoon nap.
  66. visiting an inspiring person
  67. Serving Brandon a surprise breakfast in bed.
  68. Watching my children on Christmas morning.
  69. Laying back and looking up at clouds as they change.
  70. Watching the ocean and getting lost in it.
  71. Getting a massage.
  72. Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  73. PB&J sandwich.
  74. Perfectly brewed hot green tea.
  75. Telephathically communicating with someone
  76. Being of service
  77. Playing footsie with Brandon during dinner without the kids knowing.
  78. Having a sweet conversation with a stranger.
  79. Seeing our savings account grow.
  80. Seeing our medical school debt shrink.
  81. Taking a hot bath with epsom that Brandon ran for me.
  82. Blowing bubbles and watching Grace chase them.
  83. A gentle breeze on a hot day.
  84. The feeling after a good workout.
  85. Checking something off my to-do list.
  86. Snuggling together under the covers with Grace in her bed before she goes to sleep.
  87. Romantic comedy movies.
  88. Going to a movie in the day time, alone.
  89. Coloring with Grace in one of MY coloring books.
  90. Playing a good game of checkers with my dad.
  91. prayer
  92. Cracking open a new journal.
  93. Writing on good paper with a good pen.
  94. A clear desk.
  95. Freshly baked bread.
  96. A fresh snow.
  97. Swinging on a swing.
  98. Homemade strawberry shortcake.
  99. Watching animals in nature.
  100. An empty email inbox.
  101. Handling one of my kids tantrums with grace and giving myself a pat on my own back knowing that Ive come a long way and that my self care practice is paying off.
  102. A very slow and sensual night with Brandon.
  103. An incredible conversation with Brandon in which I feel totally heard, seen and gotten.
  104. tears
  105. Having a picnic with friends.
  106. Swimming in warm water.
  107. Feeling warm sand between my toes at the beach
  108. Seeing Ben light up with a giant grin when I come into the room.
  109. Getting a handwritten note in the mail
  110. Listening to music that speaks to my exact experience. (
  111. Warm, fresh oatmeal with all the fixings. 
  112. A magnificent circle with my moms
  113. Cuddling with Bacchus (our dog.)
  114. A good manicure that lasts.
  115. Holding hands
  116. When Brandon reads my mind and says exactly what I was thinking
  117. Inside jokes
  118. Spending time with people I adore
  119. A cloudless sky
  120. Sunflowers
  121. Getting a call or email from someone I love out of the blue
  122. Watching my favorite childhood TV show- Full House
  123. Singing loudly in the car
  124. Hugging Grace and Ben after being away doing something I really enjoyed.
  125. Falling asleep easily
  126. Lying in bed in the morning realizing I got 8 full hours of sleep and I feel great
  127. Finding money I didn’t know was in my pocket
  128. An icy glass of lemonade (or beer) on a hot summer day
  129. Getting a great parking space
  130. Sleeping in
  131. Fresh bed sheets
  132. Putting on clothes straight from the dryer
  133. A breathtaking view — water, mountain, cityscape, forest, whatever
  134. A pretend picnic with Grace in our backyard
  135. Plump summer tomatoes
  136. Bodysurfing
  137. A fireworks display
  138. Making someone smile
  139. Kissing Graces animals before bed and telling her that she can get a kiss from me anytime by asking them for one.
  140. The farmers market
  141. Bringing someone who just had a baby a meal and allowing them to vent.
  142. The smell of a baby’s head
  143. Building a feminine based business that reflects my values
  144. Watching Grace share
  145. A bowl of soup
  146. Checking to see if someone did something they said they would and they DID.
  147. The cool side of my pillow
  148. The smell of a thunderstorm (“petrichor”)
  149. Waking up and finding I dont have to be asleep for another three hours and falling back to sleep quick
  150. Swinging on a lazy porch swing
  151. Early morning sex
  152. A perfectly-timed call from someone who will just listen to me instead of offer advice
  153. Relaxing in front of a roaring fire
  154. A great book and lots of time to read it
  155. A long walk on a cool day
  156. Cherry blossom trees
  157. A clean closet
  158. Unexpected good news
  159. The smell of a barbecue
  160. Bubble wrap
  161. An afternoon to myself
  162. Finding an old personal treasure at the bottom of a drawer or in the back of a closet
  163. Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row
  164. being coached by someone who is very skilled
  165. A brand-new 64 box of Crayolas or colored pens
  166. Our morning routine on the weekends and feeling so much love for my family
  167. Drew Barrymore movies
  168. Fresh-picked berries, still warm from the sun, from my parents new house
  169. Not having to be anywhere
  170. Getting a giant hug just when I need it
  171. Minty breath
  172. Putting on a snuggly sweatshirt after a chilly afternoon at the beach
  173. A long conversation with a favorite friend
  174. The rare perfect errand day
  175. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  176. Tears of joy
  177. A fabulous bottle of wine
  178. Collecting sea shells
  179. Bubble juice and a bubble wand
  180. A new outfit that looks great on me
  181. Making s’mores
  182. The smell of roses
  183. Vibrant autumn foliage
  184. A foot massage
  185. Licking the batter
  186. Seeing a rainbow
  187. Candlelight
  188. Spring flowers blooming
  189. Hot chocolate on a cold day
  190. Finding something I made when I was a kid
  191. Puppy kisses
  192. Randomly bumping into someone I haven’t seen in a while
  193. A good skin day
  194. When something I was going to buy anyway is on sale
  195. Getting a caring customer service person on the phone
  196. A balloon
  197. Coming across an old photo that makes me smile
  198. The color yellow
  199. Riding with the top down
  200. A moose tracks ice cream
  201. Taking a shower after a day at the beach
  202. When someone lets me know they’re thinking of me
  203. The smell of a sea breeze
  204. Hearing an old song you used to love
  205. A bright full moon over the water
  206. When Ben falls asleep and STAYS asleep ALL NIGHT
  207. Rereading a favorite childhood book- goodnight moon
  208. City lights at night
  209. Making Brief Eye Contact with Someone of the Opposite Sex
  210. Skinny Dipping in a hot tub
  211. Making the Yellow Light
  212. Telling a Funny or Interesting, True Story
  213. Seeing a Friend Stumble Over Himself
  214. Hearing the Right Song at the Right Moment
  215. The First Sip of a Beverage When I'm Thirsty
  216. Saying the Same Thing Simultaneously
  217. The Pull-Through Parking Spot
  218. People Watching 
  219. Finishing What I Started
  220. Making a plan and then letting go of all expectations