I am someone who highly values safety and security. I like to plan so that I know what and when something is going to happen. Some of my strengths: Menu planning, making lists, preparing for a trip... 

As I approach my birthday (It's a big one!) I have decided to embrace the wildness of life that in the past I have shied away from. I deserve wildness. For me, wildness could be as simple as wearing cute clothes that none of my friends do, or talking to a handsome stranger, or taking a walk Sunday morning to a DIFFERENT *gasp!* coffee shop and ordering an oolong tea instead of a chai. (I know, so daring of me right?!) Whatever takes us out of our routine and adds a little sparkle to our day is wild.

Being tame is what many of us women are taught: Put the crayons back, stay in line, don't talk too loud, keep your knees together, nice girls don't use words like that....

Well, here's a little factoid, nice girls DO! and they like to feel wild and alive. Being tame feels safe, yes. And being wild feels unsafe, yes. Yet, isn't safety an illusion anyway?

We are NOT in control

As a controlling type of person, I hate this fact

No matter how dry and tame and nice I am, I will still die. And so will my children and all my loved ones. We will all also suffer along the way.

Living wildly is it's own reward. So as I creep towards my 35th birthday I'm going on a hunt for tiny wildnesses. Care to join me on the adventure or a lifetime?

Here are some ideas (Please add your own in the comments below or on the facebook page):

-When standing in line at the bank, people watch instead of look at my phone. Make eye contact and smile at people.

-Sit down when I eat and see if I can be the slowest eater at the table.

-Put change into a parking meter as I pass it on the street.

-Use essential oils!

-Lie on the floor and put my legs up on the couch.

-Get one of those adult coloring books and go WILD.

-Go wandering in the woods with my children, with no destination in mind.

-Speak to strangers (I'm actually pretty good at this one.)

-Write a letter to my intuition asking for guidance and listen for what her suggestions teach me about myself

-Expose myself by sharing on my blog something that I usually keep hidden because I'm worried others will judge me for being boring when I talk about how highly I value safety and security. {DONE!}

-Laugh loudly without covering my mouth

-Wear colors that don't match, if I want to


-Celebrate out loud


Please share more wild ways