Today is the first day of summer break and I find myself seeking more balancealready. Balance between my needs and others needs. (For example: Balance between my need for alone time and my children's need for together time. My need for connected conversation and my husband's need for a quickie. My need for an uncluttered space and my family's need to not be nagged all the time to clean up.) Balance between my flowy self and my structured self. Balance between self care and self help...

I've learned that creating balance isn't just about saying "no" more often. In evaluating my workload as a stay at home mom and my new kindergartener's potential summer activities, I begin to dread how busy we could potentially become and that we might not get enough one on one time with each other. Even though we don't usually schedule too many things during the summer, the things we DO schedule (camp, summer lessons, playdates...) require the coordination of pick-ups and drop-offs, along with the nap and sitting schedule for my nine month old. It could be a logistical mess! Does anyone else struggle with this?

So, I've decided that I need to say no to more things. My struggle is in deciding what to say no to. No to walking the dog? No to paying bills? No to calls and emails to family and friends? No to playing with my kids? No to cooking healthy meals? No to working on my moms group? These are all things that I care about. It feels almost impossible to drop even one of them. I know that saying no lets me say yes to creating space in my life for things that are really important, but what if it's ALL important!? 

So, this is my request... Please share how you find balance- specifically during the summer months when school is out.