A love letter

I received this letter today and wanted to share it with you...

Dear Isabelle,

There are so many wonderful things I appreciate about you. I am so proud of your commitment to your family and the way you parent your children with such intention. But what I really like best about you is your desire to help others, especially other mothers, to be the best versions of themselves. Nurture your interest in self-care and personal development and don't forget to take time to practice what you learn. Be loving and gentle with yourself, especially when it comes to pleasing others (it's not always as helpful as you might think.) You have so many talents to share though. Don't be afraid to step forward as the wise woman I know you to be. Some of your innate qualities that will continue to serve you on your path are your ability to empathize with others, your desire for deep connection and your willingness to be vulnerable. And remember, no matter what anyone says or does, I will always love you, stand by your side cheering you on and see the best in you. I honor who you are and commit to supporting you in fully embracing and expressing all of your talents, potential and gifts.

Lovingly, your best friend,

Your Wise Self, Isabelle