Merry Winter Season! Get Grounded

Ways to Get Grounded this Holiday

1. Walk on the ground outside (barefoot, if you live somewhere warm enough!)  

2. Get in water. Jacuzzi anyone?

3. Exercise. Maybe a walk around the block to look at all the Christmas lights.

4. Practice Yoga. Good New Years resolution. 

5. Notice Your Breathing. This is a good one to do when your family starts to irritate you. Begin to simply notice the natural in and out of your breath. As we can only hold on to one thought in our mind at a time, as you focus on your breath your energy naturally calms and your mind quiets.

6. Play with a Child. Forget the presents, what your child really wants is your presence. 

7. Create something. Make gifts instead of buying them

8. Write in Your Journal. Don't edit or correct as you go, just write from your heart. This is another good resolution. We will be doing some journaling in our Mom-ME circle starting in January. Sign up HERE.

9. Do something for another person. Do you have a friend who is alone this Holiday? Doing something nice for then (even a quick "love you" text) will help you stay grounded.

10. Dance!!! Moving your body to the sound of music is a wonderful way of connecting to a more grounded energy within you. Isn't that what all the Christmas music is for anyway?!

Get Grounded!!!