Discovering Your Inner Mommy Manual

Today’s video starts with a fun update about a project I’ve been dreaming of that’s finally coming true. I’m so excited to share it with you!!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the different voices telling you what to do that it makes you wonder if you’re doing anything right? How do we know which ones to listen to? How do we know if we’re doing the right thing!?

There’s times that even I wished there was a secret “Mommy Manual” that told me exactly what to do. The truth is that we are our own “Mommy Manuals.” We create the map that gets us where we want to go on this journey of motherhood.

Turning Anxiety into Security

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I don’t know about you, but it’s raining here in Oakland, at least when I recorded this video. It’s finally starting to feel like Spring and we’re halfway through it!

What does the emotion of overwhelm really mean for us? It probably means we are too busy and not grounding ourselves to be successful each day.

I want to talk about how life is not always bright and spunky, kind of like this rain. It can be difficult and overwhelming, AND it’s ok! There is a way to ground ourselves so that our anxiety doesn’t add to that overwhelming feeling, and I’m here to talk you through it.

Also, if you’re in the Oakland area, I invite you to join me for a special in-person workshop at Main Street Mamas on May 16. You can register here!

Time Management Part 1 - Mom-ME Moment Rewind!

Time management can be stressful... but you have options!.png

Today, we’re going back in time again, because I’m using the same tools I gave to you when it comes to time management. As I’m preparing for a HUGE workshop i’m giving on May 16, I’m focusing on that and taking advantage of my own advice once again.

My four Ds for time management really help take the guess work out of prioritizing, but some of them are easier to consider than others. Which of these four Ds do you struggle with the most?

Manifesting vs. Wombifesting

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What is wombifesting!? You’ve probably heard of manifesting.

Manifesting can have an aggressive and masculine quality to it, and that’s where wombifesting offers another softer side on making your dreams a reality.

Think of a flower, spider, our wombs…. each of these creates something that waits to receive what it wants. You’ll understand more after watching the video. I promise

In this Mom-ME Moment, I'll talk more about how wombifesting can get you just as many results as manifesting, and how it might be more aligned with your life as a woman.

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Long Term Stress Management

Long Term Stress Management.png

We are ALL stressed out. Motherhood is stressful. Being a Mom, woman, wife, caretaker – all those things cause stress

How do we combat that stress? How do we notice it? How can our emotions let us know we are experiencing stress? How can we calm ourselves before it’s “too much?”

It can be difficult to learn how to notice how our body, minds, and emotions react to stress. Knowing how to release that stress takes practice. So let’s practice!

Also, I want to hear what YOUR stress management techniques are! And ones that don’t work for you! Leave a comment below!

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Goal Setting

What is goal setting? Why should we set goals? What kinds of goals should I even set!?

All of these questions are great to understand the true importance of having goals to work towards. It’s also essential to know how to make goals that you are capable of accomplishing. Today, I’m sharing my 5 steps that make goal setting easy and simple.

The first thing you’ll do is actually write down your goals. Writing down your goal makes it real! It’s not just a thought anymore; it’s on paper! There’s more to this step, so enjoy this video and share what goals you are setting for yourself in the comments below.

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The Power Of Gratitude!


Here is a gratitude practice that I’m doing these days and it has made an incredible difference to my level of happiness. I hope it does the same for you…

Look at your life:

Who are you grateful for? List 10 people you know and write next to their names why you are grateful for them. Is your gratitude for something specific they have done, or simply for who they are? Describe their contribution to your life.

Contact these people:

Tell them what you wrote. Call them, write to them (email or snail mail style!), or better yet- invite them over for a cup of tea.

For 4 of these people:

do something that will make them truly grateful. Pick something that would be a big contribution to their lives. (I love little, delightful treats.)

Let me know how this makes you feel!

Remember, we have to do the things we need to do so we can feel the way we want to feel.

Silent Epidemic Taking Over Motherhood

There's a silent epidemic taking over parenthood! Do you know what it is?

We can be so excited in the process of becoming and being good parents and soon realize that the reality of it all falls short of our expectations. We may grow to resent the once idolized portrait of motherhood we painted in our imagination.

But, it's selfish to spend time on our own self-care when we have a child to tend to, right? WRONG! You have permission to live a life you love, and you can only show up for those we love after we show up for ourselves.

Copy of When we accept ourselves, our children will follow..png


This month’s theme is acceptance. It can be difficult to accept certain parts of our lives. We probably wish the messes, laundry, chores, and lack of sleep would change. What if I told you that acceptance will give you freedom?

Today, I’m sharing the parts of my life that I accept. Once I accepted my own reality, I’ve been able to take steps toward change and negotiate some aspects of daily life with my husband, my kids, and myself. Now, THAT is freedom.

Acceptance is the key to freedom!.png

Know Your Values

We can’t go anywhere if we don’t already know where we are. When it comes to your values, imagine creating a map that says, “You are here.” This will help you remember what’s important to you and why.

So grab a journal (and maybe some tea!) and let’s go! This is going to have such an impact on you, your children, and your partner.

I’m going to share my value words with you. Feel free to use ones that create a spark inside of you and to add your own.

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This blog is for you if 2018 kicked you in the booty. This is for you if (like me) need to have a good cry, but struggle to find the space in your life to let that happen.

Oh honey. What a year it's been!

As 2019 approaches this is my wish for you: Give yourself grace.


Grace for your heart that is tender and sore and sprained.

Grace for your body that is tired and aching.

Grace for your mama hands that have grasped and held and tended to so many loved ones and are in deep need for some holding of their own. 

Grace for when you are down and dirty in the dust of the arena.

Grace for when you wonder how long you need to keep fighting.

Grace while you are reeling, wondering just how many more punches will come your way. Surely this is the last? Surely THIS one must be the last?

Grace for the times that you are trying and struggling.

Grace when there is no end in sight.

Grace for the feelings of hopeless.

Grace, Grace, Grace.

My definition of Grace:


1. Self acknowledgment for how worthy of love you are, just as you are.
2. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its unabashed self-devotion.
3. A sense of "I am enough."
    a. A disposition to be generous or helpful with ourselves, to ourselves; goodwill towards the self.
    b. Mercy; clemency.
4. My daughter's first name :)

You are not alone. We are never alone. But I know you might feel lonely.


“Why be alone when we can be together babyYou can make my life worthwhileAnd I can make you start to smile” ― Mr. Big

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Invite your friends... the more the merrier!

We really are IN THIS TOGETHER!

My three fave gifts I'm giving this Holiday


Are you ready for the Holidays?!

Today, I wanted to share with you my three favorite gifts that I'm giving this holiday... (Note: they are all handmade by my kids and me!)

1. Homemade hand soaps from Love, Pomegranate House via I Heart Naptime:

2. Wood bead necklace from Casa Lewis via Handmade Mood:

3. Mystery braid bracelet from A Pumpkin and a Princess:

So, if you are still on the fence about what to buy for someone you love, I hope you'll consider making them something instead.

What’s your favorite gift to give this season? Contact me and let me know. 

Here's to your Happy Holidays!