Application to Work with Belle

Everything you share here is private and confidential. Please share openly and freely. I adore you just the way you are! 

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Why are you interested in life coaching? What is a challenge or struggle for you right now? What do you want support with? What’s the single biggest thing you desire support with? Where do you see yourself in three years? Describe your top five desires for the year, in order of priority: What do you see as your biggest obstacles in manifesting your desires? Have you worked with a coach or mentor before? If so, what were you receiving support with, and how was that experience for you? I’m looking to work with fiercely devoted and inspired woman. Why do you feel this program is right for you, right now? What experience, knowledge, resources and skills will you bring to support your growth in our coaching relationship? What is the maximum budget you have proactively decided to contribute to your personal growth and business development per year? What personal growth programs and/or services are you currently contributing to? What is your annual gross income? Is there anything else you’d like me to know? Questions?
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At this point in time, I understand I am only showing interest in coaching and am under no obligation to join or make payment. I understand that if it is determined that the program and I are a good fit, I will be offered a phone conversation with Isabelle Boesch to receive a trial session, discuss the investment and payment options and answers to my questions. At that time, I will ask questions and clarify anything I don’t understand. I will be free to choose whether or not to receive coaching with Isabelle. If I am accepted and join, I am committed to doing everything I need to do to get 100% from the program.